To be able to buy Sibelius Academic versions, you must meet Avid's criteria and conditions, which you can read here. 

Documentation that you meet the criteria must be uploaded after that you have purchased Sibelius and should not be sent to Cyber ​​Farm.
Sibelius Academic is provided in the form of a Download Code, which must be entered at the web address
From here, you will be forwarded to Identit-e, where the approval process takes place.

Identity Verification
When you buy a Sibelius Academic edition, you do not get the license right away. You must first document that you are entitled to purchase the product with the Education discount.
In practice, the system is handled by the company, which approves according to Avid's guidelines.

  • Teachers: must upload a current payslip from the school / institution plus photo ID (driving license or similar).
  • Student: must upload a valid student card from a youth or higher education program

When the approval is available after 1-2 working days, you will receive a new code from indentit-e, which you can use on You must create an account on or log in to the one you already have. When you enter the code from Identit-e, the license and download links will be placed on your Avid account, which you can always return to if you need to download the program again.

How quickly can I access the program?
You can use Sibelius immediately if you download a trial version, which you can freely use for 30 days.
Use the trial version while you wait to have the program purchased and the license approved. Each time you start the trial version, press “continue trial” until you have received your license codes. The sheet music you get with the trial version can be used in the final version and you do not have to download and install Sibelius again. The Trial version and the full version are identical, except that the audio car library is not included in the trial version, so you must download and install Sibelius Sounds and other additional programs such as PhotoScore Lite etc. when they are ready in your account.

Can I follow the process while waiting for a response from identit-e?
Start by checking the spam folder in your email program, where there may already be an email from Identit-e. But you can also check how far your case is by following these instructions.

Multi-user licenses
If you need to buy 5 or more licenses for a school / institution, the above procedure cannot be followed, as the licenses must be pre-registered in the school's name. Call 70209099 or email Cyber ​​Farm and get information on current prices and options.