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Moog is by far one of the most legendary brands in analog synth. perhaps the most legendary at all. Founder Bob Moog was one of the pioneers in electronic music and the development of the analog synthesizer.

The extensive work of development started more than 60 years ago and resulted in some of the most legendary instruments of the time, among others. Moog Minimoog Model D which was the first really transportable synth. his large modular systems, the theremin which he works to improve throughout his work.

Today, Moog Music is again one of the most trend-setting producers after Bob Moog once again took over the company that he otherwise left back in 1978 in 2002. Contrary to many other legendary producers/brands, they stubbornly stick to their history - also in terms of products - which makes Moog for something very special. This means that everything from pedals to synth. is based on the technology that Bob developed back in the early 1970s and therefore contains the sound that has become so well known and loved over time.

Bob Moog described himself as follows:
“I'm an engineer. I see myself as a toolmaker and the musicians are my customers. They use my tools.”