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Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to book time in an expensive mastering studio to have your recordings mastered. With the right tools and techniques, you can achieve impressive results directly in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Let's take a closer look at what you can do when you want to master your recordings yourself and maybe try to polish your mixes and take them to the next level.

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Isotope Ozone Elements (v11)

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Isotope Ozone 11 Advanced

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Isotope Ozone 11 Standard

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Isotope Tonal Balance Control 2

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FabFilter Pro-Q 3

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FabFilter Pro-C-2

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FabFilter Pro-DS

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FabFilter Pro-G

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Fabfilter Pro-L 2

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FabFilter Pro-MB

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Slate Digital FG-X


That is why Mastering is important

Mastering is the final process in audio production where the final mix is ​​fine-tuned and prepared for distribution or broadcast. In addition to optimizing the sound quality and balance, as a mastering producer you must also ensure that the sound is consistent across different playback devices and formats. This ensures that your music or sound works at its best, wherever it is played.

The benefits of Mastering plugin

Flexibility: You have full control over the process and can adjust your settings as needed. This allows you to experiment and tweak without limitation.

Cost savings: It is a more economical solution compared to renting a mastering studio. With the right tools and know-how, you can achieve professional results with minimal investment.

Time saving: You can work at your own pace without having to adhere to booked study times. This allows you to take your time to fine-tune every detail and ensure that the result is perfect.

Mastering in your own studio

Organization of the Project

Start organizing your project by creating separate tracks for each song and making sure all audio files are high quality and properly aligned. This makes it easier to work with each element individually and ensures a smooth work process.

Dynamics processing

Dynamics processing is an important part of the mastering process as it helps control the volume level and create a more consistent sound. Use compressors and limiters to regulate dynamics and prevent unwanted clipping or overdrive.


Equalizing is essential to achieve a balanced and pleasant sound. Use equalizers to fine-tune the frequency balance and remove unwanted resonances. Strive for a clear and open sound that suits the genre and mood of your music.

Stereo Imaging

Manipulate the stereo image to create space and depth in your mixes. Use tools such as stereo width, panning and mid/side processing to position sound elements precisely in the mix. This gives your music a spacious and dimensional sound that captures the listener's attention.

Harmonic Processing

Add harmonic effects like saturation and tape emulation to add warmth and character to your recordings. These tools can give your mixes a vintage vibe and a fuller sound that creates a more engaging listening experience.

Reference listening and fine-tuning

Finish the process by reference listening to your mixes on different playback devices and in different environments. This allows you to hear how your music actually sounds and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it sounds good everywhere.

Popular Plug-ins for Mastering

There are many different plugins for mastering, all containing different functions and sounds. Some popular choices from the Cyberfarm webshop could be:

FabFilter Pro-Q3: A powerful equalizer with advanced functions for precise frequency adjustment and spectral analysis.

iZotope Ozone 11 Advanced: An all-in-one solution for mastering with compressor, equalizer, limiter and much more. It also offers advanced tools for automatic mastering and voice control.

Slate Digital FG-X: World-class mastering compressor with transparent and articulated sound, Revolutionary ITP process which makes your mixes louder without the sound being destroyed and masted. Control of bottom and top punch. Ultra precise mastering quality meters.

Mastering your own recordings in your own studio can be hugely rewarding and an effective way to fine-tune your mixes and achieve professional results. With the right tools, techniques and a little practice, you can achieve impressive sound quality and make your recordings ready for the world. So go ahead and explore the world of mastering in the DAW - the next great audio experience is waiting for you!

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