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Spectrasonics is one of the industry's leading developers of audio libraries and virtual instruments. The company was founded in 1994 by the composer and sound designer Eric Persing, who at the time had been chief sound developer for Roland for 10 years and among other things. developed the groundbreaking JV1080 and 2080, which formed standard sound modules for studio and live use.
Persing's way of attacking sound and sound design continued to set new standards for what was possible with a computer. With the development of some of the best sample libraries, Spectrasonics became a standard up through the 1990s productions, and a plethora of Persing's samples can be heard on both big and small hits throughout this period.
With the development of the computer-based drum module Stylus and the innovative Atmosphere synth module, Spectrasonics and Persing´'s sound universe entered the future world of professional music production. With unprecedented quality and constant work to improve the sound and possibility of the instruments, Eric Persing is still at the top when it comes to quality over quantity.

Today, Spectrasonics consists of a few but excellent products, the latest Keyscape was released in 2016, and has pushed the boundaries of both sound and inspiration in a keyboard-based instrument.