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Software is an indispensable component of any modern studio dealing with music, audio and video. From initial recording to final production, software plays a central role. At Cyber ​​Farm, we offer a comprehensive range of software solutions that can meet your needs.

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DAW Software

Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) are so much more than just virtual sound studios on your computer. They are the powerhouse of modern audio production, ranging from music and podcasts to sound design and film sound. With their extensive functionality, DAWs offer an almost limitless world of creativity, making it possible to experiment with sounds, samples and effects to an unprecedented degree.

Cyber ​​Farm's range includes DAWs to suit all needs and skill levels, from hobbyist to professional. With software from leading manufacturers such as Avid, image-line og Steinberg you can be sure that you get access to the latest and most innovative features in audio technology.

Whether you are a hobbyist producer looking to expand your sound universe, or a full-blooded professional in need of advanced mixing and mastering tools, we have the right DAW for you. A quality DAW is not just a tool; it is the heart and soul of your digital audio production. It's the platform that brings your creative visions to life and transforms your ideas into finished, professional projects.


Plugins give you the power to personalize your DAW. Do you want to enhance your vocals, simulate a vintage compressor or introduce unique sound effects? Our range of plugins offers solutions for all aspects of audio production, from mixing to mastering and everything in between.

Sheet music programs

In a world where digital technology is constantly changing and evolving, is note programs have become more indispensable than ever for composers, arrangers and music teachers. These specialized software solutions come with a range of sophisticated features that range from basic sheet music reading to advanced capabilities for composition, orchestration, and even musical analysis. With a few mouse clicks or keystrokes, you can now turn your musical ideas into professional scores that can be shared with musicians or archived for future use.

These programs serve not only as a digital canvas for your compositions, but also as a valuable tool for collaboration and improvement. Whether you're working in a professional studio environment or just sitting at home in your living room, sheet music software allows you to realize your full musical potential with an efficiency unimaginable in an era before digital technology.

Sample Libraries

If you are looking for authentic sound recordings or perhaps exotic soundscapes, then ours is sample libraries the right place to look. From realistic instrument samples to complex soundscapes, these libraries are the key to a richer, more textured audio experience.

Virtual Instruments

From string sections and brass to drum machines and synthesizers, our range of virtual instruments emulates the authentic sound and feel of the real thing with incredible accuracy and dynamics. These digital instruments give you the power to create a myriad of musical styles at your fingertips, opening the door to endless possibilities in music production. 

They also serve as an ideal solution for those who want to experiment with different sounds and arrangements, but don't have the resources or space to invest in a whole collection of physical equipment. With the latest technology and in-depth sampling, you are no longer limited by the physical limitations of traditional instruments. Now, with a few clicks on your computer or touch on your tablet, you can choose between instrument sounds that are seamlessly integrated into your digital projects.

Video Editing

Turn your next short film, music video or documentary project into an artistic achievement with our editing software. Equipped with advanced features, such as multi-camera editing, fine-tuned color correction, and professional sound mixing, provides Video editing software you the opportunity to produce high-quality film and video projects directly from your own desktop.

It's not just a simple editor; it is a complete production house built into a software package. From the first idea to the finished product, our editing software gives you the tools you need to realize your creative vision. 

With advanced picture and sound adjustment options, you can ensure that your video not only looks great, but also sounds great. Adjust colors, balance brightness, and adjust audio levels to create the perfect atmosphere and tone for your project. 

Software Bundles

Our software packages are carefully assembled to give you a complete toolbox for your creative projects. These software bundles often includes DAWs, plugins and additional sound libraries so you can get started on your production right away.


Software updates are a necessity to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. We offer updates from a wide range of providers, so you can always have access to the latest features and improvements.

Study licenses

For students and educational institutions, we offer a range study licenses, which can provide access to premium software at a reduced price. It's the ideal way to equip the next generation of creative talent with the tools they need to succeed.

Software Accessories

License keys, hardware dongles, and more – we have all the little extras that make your software experience seamless. These accessories can also make an excellent gift for the software-enthusiastic creative person in your life.


With Cyber ​​Farm as your partner of choice, you not only get access to quality software but also the expertise and support needed to ensure you get the most out of your investments.