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500 Series

One of the best things about the 500 series modules in sound design is their versatility and flexibility. Because they are modular, 500 Series modules can be easily added to or removed from a recording studio setup and can be mixed and matched for a particular project. It allows musicians, producers and sound engineers to quickly and easily adjust their setup to suit the project at hand.

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Phoenix Audio DRS-1R 500

895,65 (716,52 excl. VAT)
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Phoenix Audio GYRATOR 500

528,81 (423,05 excl. VAT)
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Phoenix Audio N90-DRC 500

940,39 (752,31 excl. VAT)
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Phoenix Audio PIVOT-TC 500

846,64 (677,31 excl. VAT)
638,21 (510,57 excl. VAT)
597,90 (478,32 excl. VAT)
1.074,75 (859,80 excl. VAT)
1.283,81 (1.027,05 excl. VAT)
1.135,21 (908,17 excl. VAT)
1.222,54 (978,03 excl. VAT)
1.074,75 (859,80 excl. VAT)
3.849,69 (3.116,72 excl. VAT)
2.270,28 (1.859,22 excl. VAT)
711,98 (569,58 excl. VAT)
1.222,54 (978,03 excl. VAT)
24,99 (19,99 excl. VAT)
1.958,30 (1.566,64 excl. VAT)
10.614,30 (8.491,44 excl. VAT)

What is the 500 Series?

The 500 Series audio equipment is a range of audio amplifiers that have been designed and manufactured by various companies over the past few decades. These sound amplifiers have become popular among professional sound engineers and musicians as they offer a high quality and flexibility compared to other similar products on the market.

500 Series audio equipment is usually characterized by their small size and light weight, which makes them easy to transport and use in different locations and in different setups. They are also designed so that you can add and remove different components as needed. This makes 500 Series audio equipment ideal for both studio and live setups.

What is the 500 Series used for?

One of the most popular types of audio equipment in the 500 Series are audio compressors. These components are designed to control the sound level of a sound source, making it smoother and more pleasant to listen to. Compressors can also be used to add extra "punch" to a sound, making them suitable for many different genres of music.

Another type of audio equipment often found in the 500 Series is equalizers. These components allow you to adjust the frequency response of a sound source so that it better suits your desire and needs. Equalizers can be used to emphasize or dampen different frequency ranges in a sound, which can be useful for making the sound "fit" better in a mix.

There are also many other types of audio equipment found in the 500 Series, such as pre-amps, converters and DI-boxes. These components each have their own unique purpose and can be useful in many different contexts.

Advantages of the 500 Series

One of the great advantages of 500 Series sound equipment is that it allows you to tailor your sound setup to your exact needs and wishes. This makes it easy to upgrade and expand the setup as needed, so you always have the right audio equipment available.

500 Series audio equipment is known for its high quality and reliability because most manufacturers of 500 Series audio equipment take great care to produce products that are robust and reliable. They often use quality components and undergo thorough testing of the products before they are put on the market.

In addition, many of the companies that manufacture 500 Series audio equipment have good reputations within the industry, which is a sign that they provide high quality products. Many professional sound engineers and musicians therefore choose to use 500 Series audio equipment because they know it will perform reliably and deliver the high quality they expect.

Finally, there are also many users of 500 Series audio equipment who have written positive reviews and given their recommendations for the products. This is a sign that many users are satisfied with the quality and reliability of 500 Series audio equipment.

500 Series


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