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Barefoot Sound - High end monitors!

Barefoot Sound is not called that because they walk around barefoot over there in San Francisco, where the speakers are hand-built. The name comes from the founder, Thomas Barefoot, an American sound specialist who saw the need for a speaker that could not only reproduce all kinds of music reliably, but that could also act as both near-field and main monitor - so project, home and mobile studios do not need 3 sets of monitors to be able to rate music correctly.

The result has aroused justified attention in the professional audio world. First with MiniMain12 and then MicroMain27, Barefoot Sound has placed itself at the forefront when it comes to versatile studio monitors.

So what's so special about Barefoot Monitors? Yes, first of all, the design takes full advantage of the new technological possibilities that have emerged in recent years: ultra-compact, high-performance amplifiers and speaker units that can withstand the must and that remain linear, even at very large fluctuations. Taken together in a solid and compact case, it forms Barefoot Monitors, the most powerful and efficient technology on the market right now.

Barefoot Sound Monitors – super bass response

Barefoot Monitors behave much like typical near-field speakers, but much more controlled and with far better bass response.

At MicroMain27, the magic begins with the dual 10 ”subwoofer units, which sit in a separate, sealed chamber in the cabinet. The 2 magnets are built together so that the opposing forces eliminate each other and the cabinet remains stable, even at very high sound levels. With this effective "bass package", the crossover frequency of the midrange units can be set higher, which gives a much clearer upper bass and midrange.

The result has been a speaker that everyone talks about, and NOW the Barefoot speakers can be heard and bought in DK exclusively on the farm.

Cyber ​​Farm has MicroMain 27 & MicroMain 35 ready for a listener in our demo room. Your ears really deserve it!

If you do not believe the hype, come yourself and check them out. They must be heard! The farmers are very excited.

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Barefoot Footprint02 - set

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