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The story of the Cloud microphones begins as early as the 1930s, when Harry Olson developed the first RCA ribbon microphones, the 44 and 77 series. His successor on the job was Jon R. Sank, and RCA challenged him to improve on Harry Olson's already excellent microphones. That was exactly what he did with the BK-11 microphone, which is thus a direct descendant of the 44 series and among professional sound technicians is still considered one of the best ribbon microphones ever.
Jon Sank died in 1998, but before that he managed to pass on his experiences over more than 50 years to his son Stephen Sank, who has since continued the development work that started Way Back When at RCA.

And then we are at the forefront of the present: Together with his wife Cynthia, Stephen continues the family tradition of developing hand-built ribbon microphones in collaboration with Cloud Microphones. The latest model, the Cloud JRS-34 (named after Jon R. Sank), represents the next step in the evolution of the immortal BK-11/44 design, now added with modern elements such as neodymium magnets and Cinemag transformers.
All Cloud products are manufactured 100% in the USA, most components locally by the partner Aerofab, inc. Each microphone is assembled manually at the Tucson, Arizona workshop, where all ribbons are cut, folded and mounted by hand with the same accuracy as Harry Olson prescribed when production started at RCA. Finally, each microphone is carefully inspected and tested for sound and assembly quality. The result is a beautiful and 100% hand-built ribbon microphone of the highest quality.


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