Cyber ​​Farm is one of the oldest companies in the delivery and distribution of professional audio and video solutions for professionals.

Cyber ​​Farm has Scandinavia's largest know-how and a wide range of special products and brands within pro audio. We take pride in providing top quality systems and service for a wide range of applications within music, sound, TV and film production and associated systems such as data storage / server solutions.
We give ourselves time for thorough advice and then recommend what we believe is the best system solution for your specific needs, regardless of whether you are a composer with a small setup, system / studio administrator or dealer.

Cyber ​​Farm has many years of close cooperation with the largest manufacturers in the industry both at home and abroad - something that provides security for deliveries and service for our customers.

As a starting point, it is of course you who decides what you want from your setup.
In that process, Cyber ​​Farm is a serious sparring partner, so you as a customer can avoid pitfalls when you need new gear. We spend time getting to grips with things properly, so you do not have to know everything to be able to get up to drive, and with us you can always get a good offer for a total solution that is thoroughly tested and ready to drive.

We configure and test all systems on the Farm before they are delivered, and of course we also do service and installations "on site".

If you are a "do it yourself man", you can of course also buy the individual parts at advantageous prices from us and assemble your system yourself.

We believe that you as a customer with us will notice a difference between shopping here and elsewhere. All employees at Farmen are experts in all fields of AV, but in addition, it must also be fun and cool to buy your gear at Farmen. As a customer with us, you must have a successful experience, and we will go to great lengths to ensure that you get it.

Our goal is simply to be the best, most serious independent pro audio provider in the Kingdom! (You should not put your candle under a bushel.)

We are constantly working to get better, and therefore rice and praise are always welcome per. mail or phone.

See you
Team Cyber ​​Farm