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Apple produces the world's unconditionally delicious media players, phones and tablets, all named "i" by first name. And they also make computers, both desktops and laptops, which are the ideal starting point for just about any DAW system.

Cyber ​​Farm is not just an Apple reseller, we are something as classy as the Apple Solution Expert. This means that we have the expertise to tailor your new Apple setup, so you get an integrated solution where everything just plays, if that's what you need.

We also sell Apple "in bulk" and the price is the same or cheaper than at Apple. And then we can even advise and guide you within our areas of competence.

You can buy the vast majority of Apple products advantageously at the Farm - here in the webshop you mainly see standard versions, but we can also handle any custom task - you just need to call 70 20 90 99 and talk to your favorite Farmer.