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Dynamic microphones

Dynamic microphones are the most common type of microphones used today, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most vocal microphones and instrument microphones are dynamic microphones.

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Dynamic microphones

Dynamic microphones work by converting sound energy into electrical energy. The sound is collected by a capsule containing a coil and a magnet. When the sound hits the membrane of the capsule, it begins to vibrate. These vibrations are converted into electrical energy by the coil that moves in the magnetic field.

Dynamic microphones are known to be durable and robust, and they tend to be less sensitive to disturbing background noise. They are also relatively cheap to produce, making them a popular choice for many manufacturers. Dynamic microphones are also used for live recordings and concerts. Most dynamic microphones can also be purchased at a relatively low price, making them a good choice for many musicians and sound engineers.

What is a dynamic microphone?

Most dynamic microphones are made of a combination of metal and plastic and have a number of different parts, including a capsule, a coil and a magnet. Most of these microphones also come with a cord that connects them to an amplifier or mixer.

Dynamic microphones are often used to collect sound from a variety of sources, including human voices, instruments, and other sound sources. They are also commonly used to record sound for both live and recorded music.

Dynamic microphones are generally more durable than other types of microphones, and they can also handle high sound levels without distorting the sound. However, they are not as sensitive as condenser microphones and tend to have a smaller frequency response.

What are the advantages of a dynamic microphone?

Dynamic microphones are often used for vocals and instruments because they are more durable than other types of microphones. Dynamic microphones can also handle high sound levels without distorting the sound, which is important in live or concert situations.

Good dynamic microphones

At Cyber ​​Farm, we are leaders in the best brands in the world, and especially in microphones for sound studios, we are specialists. Here are our picks for the best dynamic microphones:


Telefunken M81 Cherry

Sennheiser MD441-U

Shure SM7B - Royer Labs dBooster bundle

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone - Stand Bundle

All of these microphones are suitable for both vocals and instruments. So whether you need to use the microphone for podcasting, live recordings or recording in the studio, you can find the right one here at Cyber ​​Farm.

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