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Royer Labs

Royer Labs is a world-renowned manufacturer of tape microphones. Royer became particularly famous with the introduction of the new classic R-121 which is the company's flagship. Royer's ability to capture the classic sound that made classic but also very fragile tape microphones so coveted, and combine it with a robust design that is suitable for more general use in recordings, has made Royer a study standard worldwide - do you think of tape microphones , one thinks Royer.

Since the introduction of 121, several variants have been added, e.g. 122V which has a built-in tube and the active 122 for phantom power. as well as the very varied SF series that also include a model with stereo ribbon.
Royer Labs set up a sister brand, Mojave, a few years ago to produce capacitors and more traditional tube microphones. As always, you do not compromise on quality, and Mojave as a brand is gaining a place among the well-known quality brands such as. Telefunken and Neumann.

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Royer SF-24

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