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Rupert Neve

Rupert Neve is one of the absolute legends in professional audio, and his exclusive designs have marked the development in recording technology since the 1950s. Studio legends like pre / eq 1073 and the compressor 2254 - sprang from his large mix console.

Rupert Neve caught the "sound" early on, which has almost become a measure of quality within preamps, and you will find no one who denies that if there is Neve on the preamp or mixer, it does not go completely wrong.

Rupert Neve Designs

At CyberFarm, we sell legendary products from Rupert Neve Designs, which count sublimely designed hardware large and small. Everything from the large 5088 desks over rack units to 500-series units once again bears Neve's proud name and his popular signature - the legendary sound.

In 2013, Rupert Neve launched what he describes as the "modern" 1073, namely Shelford, which is based on his unique high-voltage design, which can also be found in his mixer. In other words - the sound and the legend continue to form the standard against which everything else is measured. Find just your favorite from our large Rupert Neve Design selection below.

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