At Cyber ​​Farm, you get professional and competent advice and service, before, during and after you have purchased your equipment.

Cyber ​​Farm is a provider of studio, mail and broadcast solutions for everyone - from beginners to Denmark's largest and busiest professional users, which is why you will find the country's best and most specialized support team at Cyber ​​Farm. 

As a professional company, studio or producer, there may be different needs for solutions. It can be for regular support and service on an actual service agreement, or "as needed support" in "loose weight". We provide support on site, "walk in" here in the house, per. telephone or remote support of your computer system over the Internet. In other words, it can be just the solution you want and need.

"Do you also provide support to customers who have not shopped with you?"

Yes, we do - support and service is one of our most important "goods", and you can of course buy it, no matter where your equipment comes from.

Having said that, it is of course an advantage to be a “core customer” at Cyber ​​Farm, as you can achieve e.g. discount on service hours.

Teamviewer installation help: