This guide applies to the purchase of Sibelius Ultimate Education update from an older version (between 1 and 8).
If you have purchased a multi-user license or an update for a multi-user, the procedure is different and the instructions have been emailed to the purchaser / administrator of the licenses.
The guide was updated on 19 August 2016. Avid changes the procedures from time to time and we try to update the guide as much as possible, but if you find something wrong or unclear, so feel free to write it to us.

Sibelius is delivered as a download code, which you have received either in print/pdf or as a code by email or attached to your invoice.
Follow the instructions: go to and enter the code EDU-SIB… in the Verification Code field

Now you need to verify your status as a teacher or student who is eligible to buy with an Academic discount. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you are a student, you must upload a valid student card with a photo, and if you are a teacher, you must upload a current pay slip plus photo ID such as a passport or driver's license.
After approval, Indentit-e will send you a new activation code, which you must enter in your Avid account.
On you can select "Sign in" on the left side, which will take you to the account page, where on the left you can log in to your existing account (if you already have one) and on the right you can create a new account:

If you do not remember if you have had an account before, you can enter your email address and select “Forgot Password”. Then you will either be notified how to reset your password, or that your email address is not found at Avid, and you will then need to create a new account on the right side of the image.
Once the account is created, you will be taken to the activation page:

Here you enter the code you received from Identit-e after approval... Along the way you may be asked to verify your address information etc. You will then see something similar to this image:

Important! To see details about your product, now click on the blue "Show" to the right of Product Details and Download Links.
Then the list of software, accessories and links unfolds:

Now you can download the latest Sibelius for Mac and Windows as well as the Sibelius Sounds audio library, an update to Sibelius Sounds, PhotoScore Lite and AudioScore Lite. Your download code is now used and is no longer valid as you have everything you need lying around in your Avid account.

If you get lost or click on something wrong, you can always return to the main page of the account by clicking on My Account at the top right.

From the front of the account, you can maneuver on to the activation page (if you have not been there yet) or to My Products and Subscriptions, where you can again press “Show” (see above) to get to your downloads, which otherwise remain on the account, but will be automatically replaced by newer versions as long as your update plan is active, ie up to 12 months after the first activation. On the front page of the account you can also see when your update plan expires. Remember to renew before the expiration date, and remember to buy here on (and never on!), So we still have the resources to help and guide.

Sibelius Activation

The first time you open your new Sibelius, you will be asked to activate the program.
See the activation instructions here.