The Avid S6 systems are the newest and most advanced mixer/controllers for controlling Pro Tools|HD Audio Systems.
With the launch of the S6 controllers, Avid has brought together the best elements from both the previous ICON and System 5 control/mixer surfaces in a new revolutionary modular design. Although the S6 is optimized and built for close integration with Pro Tools, the S6 uses EuCon as a protocol, and it can therefore not only be used together with Pro Tools but also with other DAWs that support this standard.
The S6 is designed to be expandable as the need grows to be able to work with a larger mix and more precise control.
The Avid S6 is built around 2 basic models: the S6 M40 with space for 41 modules and the smaller S6 M10 which holds up to 9 modules. Choose between a pre-configured M10 or M40 frame with the features you need, or configure an M40 yourself from scratch.
Since the S6 can be expanded both horizontally and vertically with different modules, the desk can be configured with the modules that suit your needs and budget here and now, and later expanded with more modules as the need arises.
Below is an overview and brief overview of the individual parts and modules that can be installed.
Master modules
Start by choosing either an S6 M40 or S6 M10 Engine. In the pre-configurations, both models contain an S6 Automation module with a 12” touch screen, transport control and dedicated buttons that provide access to control various aspects of a mix, including access to tracks, effects, meters etc. without having to use a mouse. The choice between an M10 or M40 Engine is decisive for how big the desk can be and how many modules there is room for. The M40 is for the larger studios with the possibility of the maximum number of faders and the greatest degree of flexibility. The M10 is for smaller rooms with a smaller budget or where you want a more compact solution.

S6 Automation Module

Master is always included in pre-configurations, but is an option if you want to configure an M40 yourself. But you will hardly be without the module, which contains a full transport control section with shuttle/jog wheel, focus fader, automation control, color display and buttons for shortcuts, a numeric keypad and several functions to control automation and navigate around the project.

Channel Modules 
Here you can choose the modules that, in terms of number and function, best suit your workflow, from faders and buttons, to control of processors and meters. All modules are easily connected with high-speed Ethernet connections. Whether a preconfigured model suits the need or you want to tailor a mixer yourself, these are the modules you can choose from:

S6 Father Module

  • 8 motorized faders
  • 2 LED meters per channel
  • Mute, solo and other switches with color LED
  • Control level for 8 simultaneous tracks

S6 Knob Module

  • 32 buttons with different colored LED lights at the top
  • 32 OLED displays for labels and visual feedback
  • 11 function selector switches per channel with color LED
  • Works together with Process Module
  • Check up to 32 simultaneous encoder values; 2 Knob Modules can be stacked to get up to 9 buttons per channel (only on M40)

S6 Process Module

  • 8 buttons with different colored LED light at the top, 1 per channel
  • 22 function selector switches per channel with color LED
  • 8 OLED displays for labels and visual feedback
  • Contains function selectors for Knob Modules to control up to 9 simultaneous encoder values

S6 Display Module

  • 8-channel high-resolution TFT display
  • Integrated single board computer
  • Available in S6 M40 configurations only
  • Provides comprehensive visual feedback including channel names, meters, routing, groups, DAW connection, vertically scrolling Pro Tools waveforms, etc.

Frame components
All modules must be mounted in a frame, whether you place the S6 mixer on your own studio furniture or mount legs for a free-standing solution. There are various components to choose from, from a large free-standing model with legs to various smaller frames and blind plates.


  • Blank Panel – hide any empty module slots.
  • Display VESA Arm – mount the computer monitor directly to the mixer with an adjustable arm
  • Producer's Desk – integrate computer keyboard and display directly on the mixer
  • Sliding Keyboard Tray – easy access to the keyboard in all positions
  • Sliding Script Tray – let go of notes, pencil, mobile and pastilles lying and floating on the desk
  • Speaker Bridge Mount – place the speakers in an optimal position

Prices and delivery
The S6 can be put together in countless ways and can be configured in just as many ways, so contact us for offers, prices and delivery.